Hard 'n' Heavy

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AC/DC ‎– Blow Up Your Video
A1 Heatseeker 3:43 A2 That's The Way I Wanna Rock And Roll 3:43 A3 Meanstreak 4:10 A4 Go Zo..
Angel – White Hot
A1 Don't Leave Me Lonely 4:00 A2 Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 2:50 A3 Hold Me, Squeeze..
Appice, Carmine ‎– Carmine Appice
A1 Have You Heard A2 Keep On Rolling A3 Paint It Black A4 Blue Cafe A5 Sweet Senorit..
Bad Company – Fame And Fortune
A1 Burning Up 4:02 A2 This Love 4:02 A3 Fame And Fortune 3:35 A4 That Girl 4:01 A5 Tell ..
Black 'N Blue ‎– In Heat
A1 Rock On 3:45 A2 Sight For Sore Eyes 3:30 A3 Heat It Up! Burn It Out! 4:18 A4 Suspicious ..
Bonfire ‎– Fire Works
A1 Ready 4 Reaction 3:40 A2 Never Mind 3:38 A3 Sleeping All Alone 3:31 A4 Champion 3:30 ..
Cinderella – Night Songs
A1 Night Songs 4:13 A2 Shake Me 3:44 A3 Nobody's Fool 4:46 A4 Nothin' For Nothin' 3:32 A..
Cobra ‎– To Hell
A1 Beyond the Curse 8:44 A2 Fallen Soldier 5:05 A3 Danger Zone 3:01 A4 Rough Riders 4:16 ..
Deep Black ‎– Nails
A1 Nephilim A2 Spring A3 Them A4 Nails A5 Year Of The Lamb A6 Autumn   ..
Frehley, Ace ‎– Frehley's Comet
A1 Rock Soldiers 5:05 A2 Breakout 3:38 A3 Into The Night 4:12 A4 Something Moved 4:02 A5..
Gillan ‎– Glory Road
A1 Unchain Your Brain 3:12 A2 Are You Sure 4:07 A3 Time And Again 5:08 A4 No Easy Way 6:38 ..
Gunslingers ‎– For My Mom
A1 Crash Up Crush A2 If I Were King A3 Doggie Daddie A4 Showdown A5 Tallahassee Lass..
Hagar, Sammy ‎– Three Lock Box
A1 Three Lock Box 3:22 A2 Remote Love 3:54 A3 Remember The Heros 5:58 A4 Your Love Is Drivi..
Heart ‎– Dreamboat Annie
A1 Magic Man 5:28 A2 Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) 1:10 A3 Crazy On You 4:55 A4 Soul Of T..
Heart ‎– Little Queen
A1 Barracuda 4:20 A2 Love Alive 4:21 A3 Sylvan Song 2:12 A4 Dream Of The Archer 4:30 A5 ..
Helix ‎– No Rest For The Wicked
A1 Does A Fool Ever Learn 3:28 A2 Let's All Do It Tonight 2:50 A3 Heavy Metal Love 2:59 A4 ..
Helix ‎– Walkin' The Razor's Edge
A1 Rock You A2 Young & Wreckless A3 Animal House A4 Feel The Fire A5 When The Ha..
Honeymoon Suite ‎– Racing After Midnight
A1 Lookin' Out For Number One 3:28 A2 Long Way Back 4:34 A3 Cold Look 4:04 A4 Love Fever 3:..
House Of Lords ‎– House Of Lords
A1 Pleasure Palace 6:19 A2 I Wanna Be Loved 3:20 A3 Edge Of Your Life 5:17 A4 Lookin' For S..
Kalmen ‎– Course Hex
A-I Sol Devina A-II Gizeh A-III My Soul Is Black   B-IV Katharseas B-V Naitr..
Karr, Tim ‎– Rubbin' Me The Right Way
A1 I'm Not Falling In Love 3:34 A2 Desirée 3:32 A3 Rubbin' Me The Right Way 3:10 A4 She's N..
Keel ‎– The Right To Rock
A1 The Right To Rock A2 Back To The City A3 Lets Spend The Night Together A4 Easier Said..
Krokus ‎– One Vice At A Time
A1 Long Stick Goes Boom 5:15 A2 Bad Boys Rag Dolls 3:50 A3 Playin' The Outlaw 4:05 A4 To Th..
Law And Order ‎– Guilty Of Innocence
A1 We Don't See God 3:06 A2 Dawg 4:11 A3 Your Sister Does 4:51 A4 Say You Love Me 3:40 A..
Le Roux ‎– So Fired Up
A1    So Fired Up    4:39 A2    Lifeline   &..