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ABBA ‎– The Album
A1 Eagle 5:51 A2 Take A Chance On Me 4:05 A3 One Man, One Woman 4:25 A4 The Name Of The Gam..
Andrieș, Alexandru ‎– Country & Western Greatest Hits (III)
A1 Late At Night 3:15 A2 The Gambler 3:24 A3 Gone At Last 3:35 A4 Lorraine 3:10 A5 You A..
Baez, Joan ‎– Vyjdi Ze Stínu
A1 Prison Trilogy (Vězenská Trilogie) 4:25 A2 Rainbow Road (Duhová Cesta) 3:05 A3 Love Song To..
Bananarama ‎– The Greatest Hits Collection
A1 Venus A2 I Heard A Rumour A3 Love In The First Degree A4 I Can't Help It A5 I Wan..
Bizet, Georges ‎– Carmen Jones
A1 Overture A2 Opening Medley A3 Dat's Love (Habanera) A4 You Talk Jus' Like My Maw ..
Brooks, Elkie ‎– Live And Learn
A1 Viva La Money 3:23 A2 On The Horizon 3:31 A3 He Could Of Been An Army 4:31 A4 The Rising..
Brooks, Elkie ‎– Screen Gems
A1 Once In A While A2 Am I Blue A3 That Old Feeling A4 Me And My Shadow A5 Blue Moon..
Brooks, Elkie ‎– Two Days Away
A1 Love Potion #9 3:42 A2 Spiritland 3:19 A3 Honey, Can I Put On Your Clothes 3:22 A4 Sunsh..
Brown, James ‎– Pop Giants, Vol. 4
A1 Stagger Lee 2:44 A2 Maybe Good-Maybe Bad (Part 1 + 2) 4:41 A3 The Chicken 4:10 A4 If I R..
Bucks Fizz ‎– Are You Ready?
A1 My Camera Never Lies A2 Easy Love A3 Love Dies Hard A4 One Way Love A5 Are You Re..
Buenaventura / Karel Vágner Band ‎– Buena
A1 Early Morning 3:46 A2 Daniel 3:35 A3 La Cancion (Jízda) 3:43 A4 Hey Honey (Hlaď Mě) 3:00..
Campbell, Glen ‎– Glen Campbell
A1 Ol' Norwood's Coming Home (Norwood Se Vrací Domů) A2 By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Teď Když J..
Chapman, Tracy ‎– Crossroads
A1 Crossroads 4:11 A2 Bridges 5:24 A3 Freedom Now 4:02 A4 Material World 3:02 A5 Be Care..
Charles, Ray ‎– Portrait
A1 Take These Chains From My Heart 2:55 A2 Hide Noir Hair 3:08 A3 Born To Lose 3:16 A4 Swee..
Christians ‎– The Christians
A1 Forgotten Town 5:13 A2 When The Fingers Point 3:32 A3 Born Again 5:18 A4 Ideal World 4:3..
Classix Nouveaux ‎– Classics
A1    Guilty     A2    Is It A Dream    ..
Cry Before Dawn ‎– Witness For The World
A1 Witness For The World 5:14 A2 Yesterday's Girl 3:53 A3 Only Want You For Your Soul 4:12 ..
Cutugno, Toto ‎– Azzurra Malinconia
A1 Anna A2 Azzurra Malinconia A3 Una Donna Come Te A4 Mi Piacerebbe... (Andare Al Mare D..
Cutugno, Toto ‎– Innamorata, Innamorato, Innamorati
A1 Innamorati 3:53 A2 Voglio L'Anima 3:37 A3 Soli 4:03 A4 Donna Donna Mia 3:00 A5 Il Cie..
David Peel & The Lower East Side ‎– An Evening With David Peel
A1    Hippie From New York City    3:07 A2    I Like M..
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Denver, John ‎– Seasons Of The Heart
A1 Seasons Of The Heart 3:49 A2 Opposite Tables 3:56 A3 Relatively Speaking 3:33 A4 Dreams ..
Dickson, Barbara ‎– The Barbara Dickson Songbook
A1 I Don't Believe In Miracles A2 We Were Never Really Out Of Love A3 Skye Boat Song A4 ..
Dream Express ‎– Just Wanna Dance With You
A1 Hi Lili Hilo A2 I'm A Lion A3 Got To Have You Back A4 Just Wanna Dance With You A..
Duran Duran ‎– Seven And The Ragged Tiger
A1 The Reflex A2 New Moon On Monday A3 (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement A4 I T..
Edwin Hawkins’ Singers ‎– Oh, Happy Day
A1 Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord 2:20 A2 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul 4:06 A3 To My Father’s..